B E   L I K E   W A T E R

Komba represents the cutting edge of serious game development - a physical multiplayer with no user interface other than the human body. Komba is played by defining a sacred space - a game environment in which the rules of Komba apply. Each player is playing against themselves with the aid of other players. The objective of gaming is to enter into and maintain a high performance state of consciousness known as “flow state”.

Flow state is a well understood psycho-physical phenomenon underlying peak human performance in sports, science and arts. Komba is a new method of understanding, navigating and creating the conditions for flow state and the health benefits it provides. Through easy-to-learn gameplay anyone can access new realms of introspection, self development and enhanced performance.


  • McKinsey and Co found that senior organizational leaders who harness flow states are five times more effective than their counterparts who don’t.
  • DARPA placed novice snipers into flow states and accelerated their path to expert marksman by over 200%
  • University of Chicago researchers conducted the largest optimal psychology study in history, and found that the people that have the most flow states in their lives are, quite literally, the happiest people on earth.

V I D E O S   o f   F L O W   &  T E C H


Weekly Meditation at Lapinlahti Mental Health Foundation, Helsinki


Gathering & Workshop: Group Battle at Sotarovasti, Espoo, Finland


Research & Development: Komba with Aikido at Zen Center, Tallinn, Estonia