B O D Y   I N T E L L I G E N C E

Komba is designed as a meditation through natural movement. The art supports balance, response-ability, holistic health and wellbeing, non-violent conflict resolution and develops the ability to improvise in the face of challenge.

As a game, Komba is easy, fun and wickedly addictive path to wellbeing, balance and flow state. The discipline can be practiced safely, easily and effectively by anyone, anytime, anywhere without special clothing, equipment or facilities. It’s a great support function for professional communities, corporate events and work environments.

Gaming benefits can be categorized as meditative, therapeutical, performance enhancing and tactical. In terms of Martial Arts, Komba could be described as a community defense discipline. Playing identifies and resolves the limitations we set both to ourselves and to others, supports community creation and increases the quality of encounters, communication and collaboration within a community. Komba Flow Tech service applications include introduction sessions, gaming events, training sessions, certified instructor training, Kombassador creation, live performances, corporate events, therapeutical uses and meditation sessions.   


K O M B A   T H E R A P Y

Healing Art of finding the state of non-judgemental observation, introspection and conscious presence through movement. In this state we are able to recognize and heal our wounds, mental blocks and body issues.

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K O M B A   M E D I T A T I O N

Social Art of increasing the quality of encounters and bringing communities together through interaction. Through learning respect for boundaries of self and others, we create a foundation for trust and collaboration.


K O M B A   B A T T L E

Northern Martial Art based on non-violence and learning through minimizing the use of force. We address fear of losing, winning and conflict while peacefully studying the Art of War.

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K O M B A   D A N C E

Performance Art for finding your own natural way of movement, physical presence and expression. Learning how to access a natural state of flow supports positive body image and wellbeing.