W A R R I O R   T R A I N I N G

Komba Inc. designs and delivers direct first hand experiences of accelerated learning and empowerment for individuals, communities and businesses.

Our clients are individuals and organizations looking to develop their key talents, improve their collective performance and support wellbeing, innovation and collaboration. Komba Inc. provides training, workshops and tailored events built around Komba Flow Technologies. Clients & development partners include GE Health Innovation Village, Helsingin ja Uudenmaan Sairaanhoitopiiri (HUS), Pro Lapinlahti Mielenterveysseura, Viittakivi Oy, Setlementtiliitto, Rastor, Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä, Natural High Healing Festival and 361 Extended Reality GmbH (GER).

Our offering is simply to introduce this innovation in your organization, train this technology to your key personnel and support the practice and integration of the art  in talent management and Human Resources development.

Come Out and Play